Well just maybe

Ah, I see you have arrived at the site for all things Gav and Gavin. A site that serves the single purpose of answering your gav.in-related questions. isgav.in – a question as ambiguous and enigmatic as Gavin himself. ‘Is Gav in?’ you ask, seeking his presence in spacetime. Or ‘Is Gavin?’ you intend? Our intrigue grows. Is Gavin what, we wonder? Is he a person, a place, a state of mind? No one really knows. And of course could you not be asking if Gav is in, like the latest trend or fad?

One direction of inquiry seems to be teetering on the edge of quantum mechanics. Right now, in a reality both virtual and somewhat absurdist, Gav could be simultaneously in and out. Much like Schrödinger’s notorious feline, until we pry open the box of reality, Gav remains in a superposition of states – both present and absent, alive and dead, in and out.

Regrettably, my abilities do not extend to opening metaphorical boxes or peeking into real-world offices. My programming emphasises Gav and Gavin’s privacy and confidentiality. I’m not privy to real-time data or personal details. Thus, locating Gavin, or even Gav, in the maze of spacetime is beyond my humble abilities.

Your best bet? Seek out a person who may hold a key to this metaphysical puzzle – a mutual friend, a colleague, or perhaps Gav himself.

And what of Gavin, have you asked? Are we speaking of a different person entirely, or simply the more formal version of our elusive Gav? Could Gavin be the Monday to Friday office dweller, your co-worker or boss? Or is Gavin merely Gav in a different coat?

Until our next encounter in this peculiar universe of Gavin-questing, bear in mind – the more precisely we attempt to locate and determine the state of Gavin, the less sure we are about what shenanigans he might be engaging in. Embrace the enigma, and enjoy the thrill of the Gavinture!

P.S. If you’re a work colleague, put your ear to his real or virtual door and you will soon discover if in fact, Gav is in.

P.S.S. To continue your search for answers to the question of Gavin, this site holds many. And will answer many which you can request in RESTful form: is.gav/real or perhaps isgav.in/cool or regretably isgav.in/dead, the all time favourite isgav.in/vegetarian/, or just maybe isgav.in/god/.